What is Grux?


Taken from the Dave Matthews Band album, Big Whiskey & The Groo Grux King, it captures the essence of Something Happening, Something Cool, Something Amazing.

For the Dave Matthews Band it was a spirit or musical thing but with our love and inspiration from the band, it applies to our love for the food we create.


“As for the title, Matthews explains that “Groo Grux King” is a band nickname for [Le Roi] Moore, who died last year(in 2008). “Carter [Beauford] and Roi came up with the Groo Grux,” he says. “It’s their word for something that was happening, something that was cool, something that was amazing. It was sort of like a spirit or a musical thing, ‘That’s the Groo Grux.’ And Roi was the King, Le Roi.”



We are a veteran owned and operated business licensed out of Frederick MD

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