Nutritional and Allergen Information

Where, tree-nuts, soy, dairy, shellfish, eggs, wheat and sesame products are used.  

Safe food handling practices are used, to avoid cross contamination. 

Most of our products are considered gluten friendly as the kitchen we prepare our foods in is not a gluten free facility, though we try to keep gluten contaminants to a minimum by conducting additional cleaning steps to all our food prep areas and equipment to avoid cross contamination.

Cold sides contain Egg products.

Mac and Cheese sides contain dairy, and the pasta and cheeses are gluten free.

All meat products are gluten free, and some are seasoned with seasonings containing sugar but no MSG.

Packaged rolls and buns contain milk, egg and wheat.

Homemade barbecue sauces contain tomato, onion, garlic, sugars and high fructose corn syrup from the sodas used in our recipes.  These products are gluten free but do contain dairy from the butter used in cooking this product.