Order Page

Ordering Page Instructions

·      Click the link at the bottom of this page “Order Online Here” to start the ordering process

·      Select the food items you want

·      Click the cart icon in the upper right of the screen to review the items you selected

·      At the top of the cart to the right of ‘In-store Pickup’ under ‘For When?’ select the drop-down menu and choose from ‘ASAP’ or ‘Schedule an order’

·      Select ‘Continue to Checkout’ button at the bottom of the cart

·      You will see an “Easy Checkout” pop up.

·      Enter your cell phone number to get a verification code or -

·      Enter you email address to get a verification link which will forward you to the checkout page.

·      If you’re using a code sent to your phone, enter the code in the prompt area one time, there is about a 5-10 second delay before you’re forwarded to the checkout page.

·      Please enter all required information.  When done the ‘Place order’ button will turn green. 

·      Click place order button and you will see a confirmation message and you will receive and email with your digital receipt.

For Deliveries:

·      We're offering deliveries soon, check our order page for availability, until then - 

·      We do offer delivery options for scheduled Private Catering orders and Private Family Meals.  For more information, please contact us at orders@gruxfoodtrux.com for availability, quotes and scheduling.